Sad news

The Salisbury Amnesty group is very sad to record the death of one of its founder members, Michael Stokely.  He has remained a stalwart supporter and contributed to meetings right up to lockdown.  He was ‘in at the start’ and the group’s continuing success is due in no small part to his efforts.  He will be sadly missed.

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  1. Michael was a wonderfully warm and empathetic human being. I knew him well outside Amnesty. but it was not until I came and lived here in Czech Republic, and married into a dissident family that I really appreciated the work that Amnesty had done. I took my mother in law Libuse to visit the Amnesty window in the Cathedral. She had been a Spokesperson for Charter 77 and imprisoned for her beliefs. She was amazed and touched by all those in Salisbury Amnesty who unknown to her had been thinking of her all those years. She stayed for the prayers for Prisoners of Conscience and a view of the Magna Carta, that had so inspired them. A very moving visit.
    So a tribute to Michael and all at Salisbury Amnesty from over here in lockdown Czech, we will keep a candle burning on our balcony tonight in memory.

    Simon Rawlence

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