We are an active group and new members are always welcome. Some just ‘join’ the local group – which is free – while others join Amnesty International for which you have to pay. There are well over 200 members in the Salisbury area.

The best thing is to come along to an event we are organising and make yourself known.  Alternatively, come to a group meeting on the second Thursday of the month and is usually held on Victoria Road but details will appear before a meeting to confirm.

Some people want to join because of a particular thing which moves them to want to take action: the death penalty or violence against women for example. Others want to take part in human rights activity generally.

The group has this blog site and can be found on twitter.  We also have a Facebook page.  We very much welcome contributions to our web or twitter pages even if it’s only just a small comment.

Members of Farrant Singers

Members of Farrant Singers singing carols at Christmas

Our next meeting is on Thursday 8 February 2018 at Victoria Road.  Please check before coming though.  One item we will be discussing is the possible ‘Celebration of Human Rights’ event we are at the early planning stage with the Cathedral and we hope will take place in 2018.

This year – in addition our normal activities – we expect to focus on the government’s plans to abolish the Human Rights Act although prolonged delays in announcing quite what they are going to do suggest that they might be having second thoughts.  We shall see …

  1. Susan (Sue) Norman says:

    Hello Salisbury Group, our chairman Mr.Bryn Davis of the Isle of Wight Group understands your group have a ‘film’ called I believe CRASH for loan to other Amnesty Groups. Please may I have details of this offer asap to bring to my group’s meeting on Friday 5th June.
    Kind regards
    Sue Norman


  2. christine pullen says:

    please advise of your next meeting for local Salisbury and Salisbury International Group


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