The next meeting is on Thursday September 13th Victoria Road starting at 7.30.  We do not have a meeting in August.

Guildhall group

Group members in costumes. Pic: Salisbury Amnesty

These are working meetings for supporters and they usually last 2 hours.  All supporters are welcome especially if you want to become actively involved.  Details of our events can be found on our minutes page which you can find on the ‘Minutes’ tab.  We also trail them on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Many of our members just come along to help or support at our events and do not come to the working meetings which is fine.  If you would like to be involved then we suggest coming to one of our events and making yourself known.  Details of our events are posted on all three platforms.

We look forward to seeing you.  If you would like to speak to someone then the number is 01722 502803.

  1. Alison Craig says:

    Dear Amnesty International Salisbury team, I am very interested in supporting Alexi Navalny in prison, forming a new Salisbury sub-group if necessary. Is this something you would support?


    • welland2 says:

      Dear Alison,
      Thanks for your message. Would you like to join the local group anyway? There is no formal process and no fee (you would have to pay to be a member of the national organisation). We could then think of setting up a sub-group. We currently meet once a month via Zoom although depending on the rules, we may be meeting in person in July. Our next meeting – on the second Thursday of each month except August – is 10 June. If you let me have your email I can arrange for you to get an invitation. Do you live locally? Peter


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