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It is reported today that the government’s use of drones to kill people overseas is to be reviewed by the Human Rights Committee.  This is welcome news.  Clearly, ISIS is an unpleasant organisation and is acting in a brutal and uncivilised way.

When it was revealed that a drone was used to kill two people in Raqqa in August, David Cameron said it was done as an act of ‘self defence’.  Quite how someone in Syria was a threat to the UK was not explained and seemed very unlikely.

Earlier this week is was reported that the government was removing adherence to international treaties from the ministerial code.  It is these treaties which prevent use of force without UN sanction or because there is a genuine need for purposes of self defence.

The Raqqa attack was the first case in the modern era that such an attack took place in a country with whom we were not at war.  Caroline Lucas – the Green party MP – was reported as saying the use of a drone in this case was done ‘with a complete absence of parliamentary scrutiny or approval.’

We look forward to some serious questions being asked of ministers.

UPDATE 17 September

Government declines to release the evidence.  Echoes of Iraq?

The rights organisation Rights Watch UK has begun legal action onA Reaper drone the government to release the advice of the Attorney General following the drone strike which killed a jihadi in Syria.  The killing was announced by David Cameron in parliament on 8 September.  The killing took place in Syria with which we are not at war.

This is a story the true facts of which are likely to unfold over the coming months.  Questions have been asked about the legality and how real the threat to the people of Britain was to justify an execution by drone attack.

Rights Watch is in the list of links at the bottom of this site.  Amnesty International post.