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13 prisoners at risk of execution

Amnesty International has received reports indicating that the President was due to consider signing execution warrants as early as the week of 24 June.  Should this be confirmed, up to 13 prisoners would be put at imminent risk of execution.

There is completely secrecy around the dates of any scheduled executions, as well as identities of the death row prisoners most at risk.  Amnesty International has not been able to confirm whether the individuals had fair trials, access to lawyers or whether they were able to engage in a meaningful clemency process.  Sri Lanka has not implemented this ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment for more than four decades.  It should continue to honour a tradition that chooses life instead of vengeance.

Source: Amnesty

Urgent action details (pdf)

TV producer held for 50 years

Hwang Won, a former TV producer from South Korea, was not allowed to return to his home country after arriving involuntarily to North Korea on a hijacked plane on 11 December 1969.  Despite repeated requests from his family, the North Korean authorities have refused to disclose information regarding Hwang Won’s vital status or whereabouts for the last 50 years.  South Korean authorities must call on the North Korean authorities to provide accurate information on Hwang Won, who will turn 82 this year.

It is almost unimaginable that someone should be in prison for half a century and there would be concerns about their ability to cope with life outside.  The Salisbury group has campaigned for human rights in North Korea and we are hopeful that, with a seeming desire for the regime to engage with the world outside, things might change.

Details are as attached

North Korea Urgent Action (Word)


Urgent action concerning a man about to be executed in Iran

A man, Mohammad ali Taheri has been sentenced to death for ‘spreading corruption on earth’.  This is the second time he

Mohammad ali Taheri. Pic:

has been so convicted having been cleared of the offence by a previous court.  This is in breach of the double jeopardy rules which Iran has signed up to.  Iran is one of the worlds major executioners of its citizens after China.


If you can find time to write or email that would be appreciated.

Urgent Action

Read our latest monthly death penalty report.

Amnesty International condemns the execution of juvenile in IranImminent execution of a young man convicted whilst a juvenile and by the alleged use of severe torture.  This is an update of an earlier UA but there have been recent significant developments and his execution is now more probable.  The full details are attached.  If you can find time to write or send emails this would be appreciated.  Thank you

Urgent action (Word)

No to the death penaltySalar Shadizadi

We attach an urgent action for a Young man who is facing execution in Iran.  Iran is one of the world’s leaders in executions second only to China.  Urgent actions are at the core of Amnesty’s work and involves writing to the country concerned and usually to its embassy here in the UK.  There is some evidence that they have an effect, as in this case, where execution was at least delayed as a result of international pressure.

The attachment gives all the information and the back story so if you do have time to write that would be appreciated.

Urgent action details (word)

No to the death penaltyWe attach an urgent action on behalf of a man called Glossip (52) who is due to be executed on 16th of this month.  The case against him is circumstantial and seems quite flimsy.  He has been on death row since 1998 – around 17 years.  If you can find time to write or email, that would be appreciated.  Full details are here: Case file (pdf)

There is also a web site the accuracy of which we cannot warrant:

Richard Glossip

See also USA death penalty site with further information and a petition  [You will find it on their Facebook page and there is a wealth of statistical information on the site as well.  There is a permanent link to the site at the bottom of this site]

Richard Glossip

The April meeting minutes are here thanks to Karen.  They contain a lot of useful information about the death penalty and North Korea in particular.  There is a group meeting this Thursday 14th

April minutes

Display in the cloister


UPDATE; 4 February.  We regret to report Robert Ladd was executed.

Once again we are back with an urgent action against the use of the #deathpenalty in Texas.  This time it is Robert Charles Ladd who was sentenced to death in 1997.  He was ineffectively represented at his trial and his lawyer did not seek evidence about his mental capacity.  He has an IQ of less than 70.  A Supreme Court ruling says that such individuals cannot be executed.

Greg Abbott, the new governor, says on his Facebook page ‘Texas in the lone star state for a reason.  It stand separate.  It stands alone … as a model for the rest of the nation.’  One sincerely hopes the rest of the nation isn’t listening.

Below is the urgent action on behalf of Robert Ladd and we would be grateful if you could write or email.  There are only a few days to go.

Robert Ladd

UPDATE: 22 January

Raif Badawi’s scheduled public flogging on Friday 23 January is unlikely to be carried out following examinations by a medical committee, which found him unfit.  He is a prisoner of conscience who received 50 lashes earlier this month.  He continues to be at risk of receiving the remaining 950 lashes.

On Wednesday 21 January Raif Badawi was taken to the King Fahd Medical Hospital in Jeddah and was thoroughly examined by a medical committee of around eight doctors.  After hours of examinations, the committee concluded that he has high blood pressure and recommended to the authorities that he not be flogged.  However, Raif Badawi remains at risk of further flogging, as long as the sentence stands.  This risk is further enhanced because the medical committee’s recommendation is not legally binding on the authorities.

Mass protests have recently been organized by activists at Saudi Arabian embassies worldwide condemning the flogging of Raif Badawi and calling for his release.  There have also been official appeals, including the governments of the USA and Canada. Raif Badawi’s wife and children currently live in Canada.  The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called the flogging “at the very least, a form of cruel and inhuman punishment … prohibited under international human rights law, in particular the Convention against Torture, which Saudi Arabia has ratified”.

On 9 January Raif Badawi received 50 lashes in public, in front of al-Jafali Mosque in Jeddah.  The second set of 50 were expected to take place the following Friday, however a doctor examined him and concluded that his wounds had not sufficiently healed and he could not withstand another round of lashes.  Raif Badawi was sentenced by the Criminal Court in Jeddah on 7 May 2014 to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes, followed by a 10-year travel ban, a ban on using media outlets, and a fine of one million Saudi Arabian riyals (about US$266,600).  The conviction and sentence stemmed from Raif Badawi’s creation of the Saudi Arabian Liberals website (which the court ordered to be closed) and the accusation that he had “insulted Islam”.  The Court of Appeal in Jeddah upheld the sentence on 1 September.  The case is thought to have been referred to the Supreme Court in December.

See the urgent action below

We make no apology for returning #SaudiArabia, firstly to highlight a dreadful beheading described in the Daily Mail and secondly, to provide a link to an Amnesty Urgent Action concerning Raif Badawi.


‘A woman beheaded in a Saudi street for killing her husband’s six-year-old daughter screams her innocence in graphic footage of the execution uploaded to the Internet.

‘An executioner in Mecca, the holy city, took two swings to hack off Layla bint Abdul Mutaleb Bassim’s head, after she was found guilty of beating the girl and raping her with a broomstick.

‘The incident has sparked outrage in the country, but not because of the brutal punishment meted out. Rather Saudis are up in arms that the execution was filmed and posted online, where the woman’s family might see it.

Read more:

Urgent action

This concerns Raif Badawi who was due to receive his second bout of 50 lashes but is not medically fit enough to receive them.  Altogether he is sentenced to 1 000 lashes and has received the first 50.  Full details of this are in the attached file.  Please find time to write.  Continued world wide protest at the actions of this brutal regime do seem to be having an effect.

Raif Badawi

It may be the sunshine state but it is also a bloodthirsty one.  This will be the 21st execution under the Governorship of Rick No to the death penaltyScott.  In 2012, a quarter of all executions in the USA were in Florida.  This year, there have been 33 executions, 8 of which have been in Florida.  The USA is the only country in the Americas still to use the death penalty.

Urgent action: Florida USA

If you are able to write, that would be appreciated.