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Youth at risk of execution tomorrow in Iran

Amnesty has just received news of a youth at risk of execution in Iran tomorrow.  Full details can be accessed on the following link.


Juvenile due to be executed in Iran

Iranian Mullahs

This is an urgent action for someone who was accused and tried as a juvenile (aged 15 at the time of the alleged murder) and who is now due to be executed on 10 May.  He was held in solitary confinement during his confinement and says he was beaten during his time in prison.

If you can find time to write or email that would be appreciated.

Urgent action: Iran


Salar Shadizadi has been sentenced to death for a second time and is now in solitary confinement.  He was 15 at the time he committed the crime and it is contrary to the Iran penal code to execute minors.  Please write if you can.

Urgent action (pdf)


Young man arrested in his teens near to execution

Increasing world attention is being focused on Iran and its practice of executing individuals who were teenagers at the time of their alleged offences.  This is one such case and if you can spare the time to read the case notes and write that would be appreciated.  His name is Himan Uraminejad. 

Iran Himan april 16

Possible execution of someone a juvenile when offence committed

We enclose an urgent action concerning a man who was a juvenile when the alleged offence was committed.  If you are able to write this would be appreciated.

Urgent action (pdf)

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No to the death penaltyWe attach an urgent action concerning Iran, which along with Pakistan, China and Saudi Arabia are the world’s leading executioners of its citizens.  This concerns a juvenile who was 15 at the time of the alleged crime.  He was charged with the murder of a friend but was denied access to a lawyer at the investigation stage and he alleges he was tortured in custody.

His execution has been delayed to 10 August so this case is urgent.  It is believed that an astonishing 72 juveniles have been executed between 2005 and 2014 and around 160 are currently on death row.

Please write if you have time.

Urgent Action: Iran