Urgent Action: Belarus

Death sentence in Belarus
President Lukashenko
President Lukashenko

We are highlighting the case of Gennadii Yokovitskii in Belarus and asking that you find time to write to the relevant authorities please.  Belarus is the last country in Europe which exercises the death penalty and as much of what goes on is secret, there is a lack of an informed debate within the country.

The justice system is flawed with many convictions based on forced confessions.

When the executions actually happen is unknown to the victim, his or her family or their legal representative which adds considerably to the stress the family is suffering.  After the executions have taken place, the authorities will not release the body or even say where it is buried.

Amnesty is opposed to the death penalty in all cases.  There is no available image of Gennadii.

Urgent Action

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No to the death penalty

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