Pope’s encyclical against the death penalty

Pope issues encyclical against the use of the death penalty

Amnesty International has longed campaigned against the use of the death penalty and so the recent encyclical by the Pope is to be welcomed. Fratelli Tutti issued on 3 October 2020, takes an uncompromising line against this penalty and against imprisonment for life.

The local group has campaigned for many years against this barbaric punishment and we produce a monthly report on developments around the world.  The country which is believed to execute more of its citizens than the rest of the world – China – does not feature as details are a state secret.

It will be interesting to see how this fares in the US, the only country in the Americas which retains the penalty. Despite evidence of its ineffectiveness as a deterrent, the impossibility of correcting mistakes of which there are plenty, and the fact it is the poorest in society who are disproportionately executed, some states retain it. Catholicism is strongly represented so it is likely they will make their feelings felt.

Sources: Crux, BBC

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