Keep the Human Rights Act


Human rights myths  Thanks to – see link at the bottom of this site.

As we pointed out in our previous blog, the Conservatives, if they form an administration after the election, want to abolish the Human Rights Act #HRA.  Amnesty has launched a campaign with a link to KeeptheAct spelling out the benefits of the act for everyone in the UK.  For example:

  • An elderly couple faced separation after 65 years of marriage – until their local authority finally allowed the wife to move in into her husband’s care home to be with him.  Thanks to the HRA
  • When a woman had to flee a violent husband, social services said she’d made herself ‘intentionally homeless’, refused to house her and tried to put her children into foster care.  But she was able to keep her family together – thanks to the Human Rights Act
  • Families of British soldiers killed in Iraq were able to call the government to account for failing to protect them properly – thanks to the human rights Act
  • A woman with multiple sclerosis got her local council to increase the amount of care she receives – thanks to, well you know the story.

These are some of the day to day stories of the HRA and how it helps ordinary people in their daily lives.  But it is a story a lot of our newspapers do not tell, preferring to peddle disinformation and myths.  The act protects ordinary people and means that public bodies like the police and local authorities must respect our basic human rights. abolish hraIt does seem strange that we are celebrating 800 years since the signing of Magna Carta with politicians waxing lyrical over that document whereas its modern version is derided and is under threat, often for quite spurious reasons.  Go to KeeptheAct and add your voice.

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