Reggie Clemons – good news!


December 7, 2015

A message from Vera Thomas

My family and I wish to thank the Missouri Supreme Court for vacating our son Reginald Clemons’ convictions and sentences and remanding his case. I want to thank the Court for pursuing the path of due process in our son’s case and for the appointment of Judge Michael Manners as Special Master, and for the additional work done by Judge Lisa White Hardwick from the Missouri Court of Appeals sitting as a Special Judge of the Court. Our faith and confidence has been renewed in our judicial system.

– Vera Thomas, Reggie Clemons’s mother

Fair trial for Reggie

We are delighted to report the good news concerning Reggie.  All of those who have worked tirelessly for justice on behalf of Reggie Clemons are simply thrilled by today’s opinion (24th November). Today the Missouri Supreme Court has upheld Mr. Clemons’s constitutional right to a fair trial, which is all he has sought from the beginning.  Campaigners said they were deeply grateful for the Court’s decision, and its willingness to protect the Due Process rights of Mr. Clemons and citizens everywhere.

Reggie Clemons (picture Amnesty USA)
Reggie Clemons (picture Amnesty USA)

The Salisbury group has campaigned on behalf of Reggie for several years now and only last week, we sent him some cards in prison. This is excellent news and shows that persistent campaigning can be successful.

This is a factsheet (pdf) we prepared two years ago.  Note: the website address on the factsheet has been changed, it is now

A report from St Louis Channel 5 including a video clip from the courtroom.

Further details

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