Urgent Action: Saudi Arabia

Two Saudi Arabian Shi’a activists, arrested when they were under 18 years old, risk being executed as soon as the King ratifies their death sentences.  They were moved to solitary confinement on 5 October and have been held incommunicado since then.  

We attach this month’s urgent action which highlights the case of two men (boys) arrested when they were under the age of 18, tortured into signing a confession and now risk execution.

If you are new to Amnesty urgent actions, they highlight injustices around the world.  You are invited to read the case notes below and write to the addresses provided.  Even if you only write to one, it can help.

Does it work?  Sometimes it does and we have recently celebrated the release of another young man held in Nigeria for the alleged theft of three mobile phones, tortured and was due to be executed.  So it can work …

Urgent action: Saudi Arabia

Group meeting

The group met last night to review campaigns and ahead of the minutes here is a brief resume:

  • Discussed North Korea and the idea for a YouTube video.  Next meeting at the Red Lion
  • Received the death penalty report
  • Citizenship went well and two teams members will be at the Shaftesbury School today (13th)
  • Film Timbuktu on 3 December at the Arts Centre
  • Tapestry to be moved to the Cathedral in the next week or so
  • HRA. Watching brief ahead of government plans to scrap/alter it.  We will get materials from AIUK.  It is likely to be a major part of our activities next year if the government do go ahead with either abolition or a major overhaul
  • Discussed Write for Rights and the four people we will campaign for agreed
  • Carol signing will take place on 21 December (photo of last year)

    Farrant Singers in Park Street
    Farrant Singers in Park Street
  • Statistics on website hits and social media were presented (see statistics tab for the report)
Tapestry in the Playhouse
Tapestry in the Playhouse


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