Group meeting

The group met last night to review campaigns and ahead of the minutes here is a brief resume:

  • Discussed North Korea and the idea for a YouTube video.  Next meeting at the Red Lion
  • Received the death penalty report
  • Citizenship went well and two teams members will be at the Shaftesbury School today (13th)
  • Film Timbuktu on 3 December at the Arts Centre
  • Tapestry to be moved to the Cathedral in the next week or so
  • HRA. Watching brief ahead of government plans to scrap/alter it.  We will get materials from AIUK.  It is likely to be a major part of our activities next year if the government do go ahead with either abolition or a major overhaul
  • Discussed Write for Rights and the four people we will campaign for agreed
  • Carol signing will take place on 21 December (photo of last year)

    Farrant Singers in Park Street
    Farrant Singers in Park Street
  • Statistics on website hits and social media were presented (see statistics tab for the report)
Tapestry in the Playhouse
Tapestry in the Playhouse


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