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January minutes

Posted: January 16, 2022 in Group news
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Group minutes for January 2022

We are pleased to attach the minutes of the group’s meeting help via Zoom thanks to group member Lesley for the work in compiling them. It’s perhaps worth mentioning that we do not produce a newsletter – partly because we were not able to secure an outlet for them in the printed form – so these minutes are much fuller than normal meeting minutes to enable a wider audience to review content.

May we wish all our supporters, readers and followers a happy Christmas and a happy New Year. We have had an increase in readership to this site this year which is very gratifying although sadly, we seldom get much in the way of interaction. Human rights are increasingly important and the local group will be focusing on the threat to the UK Human Rights Act which the government would like to see neutered in various ways. We are also concerned about the bills the government is pushing through to limit protest and to reduce the powers of the courts to hold the government to account.

We have welcomed several new members this year and it is a shame that we cannot meet in person more often because of Covid.

The group carried out its annual carol singing around a selection of streets in Salisbury on Monday. The actual carols were sung by the excellent Farrant Singers who split into two groups. Because of Covid we could not enter the host’s house for soup and cheese which in previous years has been an enjoyable end to the evening. We are grateful as ever for the support of the Farrants and the residents many of whom gave generously to Amnesty. We are also grateful to group member Chantal for providing the hospitality.

December minutes

Posted: December 12, 2021 in Group news
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We are pleased to attach the minutes of the December 2021 meeting (via Zoom) thanks to group member Lesley for compiling them.

The minutes give details of our forthcoming events and these are an opportunity for people thinking of joining to make contact.

Meeting tonight via Zoom, starting at 7pm.

Card signing for Write for Rights on Saturday 11th at St Thomas’s church starting at 10 am.

Carol singing on Monday 20 December in Victoria Road and environs.

Hope to see supporters at one or other of these events.

Seasons greetings!

Card signing

Posted: December 6, 2021 in Group news
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Just under 100 cards were signed on Sunday and around a third of passers by stopped to sign. We shall be repeating the exercise in St Thomas’s Church on Saturday 11th starting at 10 am.

We shall be doing a Write for Rights this Sunday (5th December) in the Cathedral cloisters

For many years, we have done a signing at Christmas time, usually in the Market Square. We moved to the Cloisters the year before last and were more successful in getting people to sign. So we shall be there from 11:00 until 14:00 and anyone in Salisbury is welcome to come along and sign. It would also be a good opportunity for you to make yourself known to us if you were thinking of joining the group.

Christmas tree in the festival which St Thomas’s Church in Salisbury mounts every year. Our tree attempts to depict the threats to human rights with the current government’s bills together with threats to the Human Rights Act on which we still await details.

Two signings planned

We shall be holding our Write for Rights signings in two locations this year: the first time we have done this. The first will be 5th December in the Cathedral Cloisters and the second on 11th in St Thomas’s. We do not have the times yet so keep an eye out on this site – or Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr – for more details once known. Almost certainly in the mornings. We hope you can come along and sign.

For people abroad, feel free to send us your desire to be listed and we will copy your name in.

Attached are the minutes of the November 2021 meeting of the group thanks to group member Lesley for compiling them. At the end of the minutes are some future actions for example the annual carol singing in December, which members may wish to take part in.