Executions in Indonesia

There is something of an execution spree going on in Indonesia at present with a number of people already executed by firing squad and more likely to follow.  This is a message sent out by Amnesty UK: –

I’m getting in touch with sad news.  Last night, Indonesian authorities killed four prisoners by firing squad.  All four had been convicted of drugs crimes, their families only told yesterday morning that their loved one would be killed that night.

Indonesian Fredi Budiman, and Nigerian prisoners Humphrey ‘Jeff’ Jefferson Ejike, Michael Titus Igweh, and Seck Osmane had their right to life taken from them in the depth of night in the middle of a raging storm. They were shot dead by a firing squad on Indonesia’s infamous ‘execution island’.

But ten more prisoners received a last-minute stay of execution.

The lives of ten more people hang in the balance.  And we need to make sure the Indonesian authorities do not go ahead with these executions.

Thanks to [Amnesty supporters] contacting the Indonesian authorities and sharing the story, the tragic execution of four people last night made headlines around the world.  All we can do now is keep calling for justice and for an end to the executions – with the hope that pressure from around the world will save the ten lives at stake.

Do please share our action to stop the remaining executions.  Go to the Amnesty UK site for more details on how to take action.


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