Carol singing

Farrant Singers sing carols in Salisbury


Once again, the Farrant Singers entertained some of the residents in Salisbury with some beautifully sung carols on Monday 19 December.  They sang in and around Marlborough Rd; College St; Victoria Road; Albany and Belle Vue Rds.  Afterwards we enjoyed soup and cheese generously provided by Michael and Chantal washed down with vin chaud.

A successful evening and many residents came out to enjoy the singing.

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If you are reading this in the Salisbury area and are thinking of joining Amnesty there are several ways of doing so.  You can join Amnesty International itself for which there is a joining fee and you will receive their magazine.  Or you can just join our group which is free.  The level of your involvement is of course up to you.  Help with our campaigns in the street is always welcome or on the stall we run once a year.  You can come to the annual film we do in conjunction with the Arts Centre and stay on to help with the signing afterwards.  If you have a particular topic of interest – which might be a country you know about – then making that a focus of your activity is a possibility.  The best way is to come to one of our events which you will see here or on Twitter or Facebook (salisburyai), and make yourself known. 

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