This Evil Thing

Play about conscientious objectors at the Playhouse

This Evil Thing is the title of a play by Michael Mears (pictured) which will be performed at Salisbury Playhouse between 18th – 21st October.  The play received four star reviews at the Edinburgh Festival.  Amnesty International judges described it as ‘Magnificent storytelling’ and longlisted it for their Freedom of Expression award at the Festival.  The play tells the story of conscientious objectors during the First World War.  The Link magazine said:

Mears himself is exhilarating to watch. He hares across the stage, convincingly being about four different men at once. And the play is rooted in Mears’ own life. Photos of his father and grandfather are on the sideboard, both of whom served in the World Wars. This is a rich and personal modernisation of a lesser-told tale.

Performances will be from Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st at 7:30 with a matinee at 2:45 on Thursday.  There will be a talkback after the performances.

Booking details are at the Salisbury Playhouse website.



If you are interested in human rights issues and would like to join us you would be very welcome.  The best thing is to keep an eye on this site or on Twitter or Facebook (salisburyai) and make yourself known to one of us.  It is free to join the local group.

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