Tapestry on display

The tapestry assembled by members of the South Region of Amnesty International, is now on display at the entrance to the Chapter House in Salisbury Cathedral.  Each panel represents one of the clauses of the UN Convention on human rights which led ultimately to the Human Rights Act in the UK.  It is this act that the current Conservative government wants to abolish.  The Chapter house is where one of the surviving copies of Magna Carta is displayed.  We are extremely grateful to the Cathedral Authorities for giving us this space to display the tapestry.  It will be on display for a few months and then will go on display elsewhere in the south region.


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  1. Members from the Bournemouth group are thinking of visiting on Sunday afternoon to see the tapestry. Is the entrance to the Chapter House free? Thank you.


    1. Yes, just go into the cloister area and it’s on the far side. There are toilets there and you can get into the café if it’s open. To go into the Cathedral proper you are asked to pay. Hope you enjoy it.


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